About Matt …

Matt works as a Learning & Innovation Consultant to  libraries, schools and museums. He has held leadership  positions in the realms of emerging & information  technologies. As a visionary in the arena of information  technology services, he has helped public libraries become  better learning experience providers. His work has been  written up in several publications and recognized with two  awards.

Outside of work and attending his son and daughter’s band concerts, he lives to spend time with his wife and kids exploring the great northwest and the Seattle music scene.

  • Technology & Innovation Consultant
  • Entrepreneur & Student
  • Former Emerging Technology & IT Manager

  • Technology and innovation planning and programming.
  • Teaching and learning experience design.
  • Virtual and physical space creation in libraries and schools.

Selected Quotes:

Governing Magazine — Revolution in the Stacks (June 1, 2008)
“Traditionally, people have come to the library to find things that fit into the stories of their lives,” says Matt Gullett, the Charlotte library’s director of emerging technologies. “When toddlers come in to learn how to read, it fits the story of how they are growing in life. When adults come in, and they love checking out mysteries or romance novels, it fits the story of those individuals. What we are trying to do now is to give people the ability to tell their own stories. We’re equipping people to use digital cameras, sound equipment and software. It appears to be entertainment in some ways, but at the same time, they’re learning how to interact with this world we’re creating with digital media and the culture that results from that media. That’s a big thing.” 

Library Journal Mover & Shaker: Trendsetter (3/15/06)
“Libraries have always been about technology—the book is one of our best technologies,” emphasizes Matt Gullett. He sees IT as a natural extension, implementing technology “to serv[e] our community…and [set] the library in a different and more innovative place in the minds of our public.”

Shanachie Tour: a library road trip across America by Erik Boekesteijn, Jaap van de Geer, Geert van den Boogaard (Matt’s contributed commentary) [http://tinyurl.com/shanachietourquote]
“Stories are our lives. We have the stories of our birth, families, anniversaries, experiences, education, and so much more. Those stories intersect, consume, reflect, and run alongside the many stories that we read about in books, watch in films, interact with in games, and so on. Libraries have always been a community collector and facilitator of these life stories. People have always come to us to enhance and build their own stories through learning and entertaining.

As community centers that facilitate and collect stories, we are beginning to see the emergence of a new generation that has a real passion to not only passively intersect with the library in their story building, but they also desire more than ever to be an integral part of creating their own story within the context of the library and community. With such a desire upon our community cultures, we have an opportunity to meet their interest with many of the social software tools, the creative expression software, and technology that is available. More importantly, we can seize this opportunity to shift the mindset of librarians to being more of an agent of active community change. ”


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