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Welcome to the Story Circle Lab. We hope that you find something of use here. The SC Lab is a place that we can come together in the sharing, caring and facilitation of stories. Although all forms of storytelling are up for discussion, learning and sharing, the SC Lab is here to promote the idea/ideal of digital storytelling. The founder and leader of the SC Lab has a background in libraries and continues to work as a learning and innovation consultant for libraries, museums and schools.

We hope to gather all types of input from various organizations, groups, communities and business that utilize storytelling to build community and understanding because stories are our lives. We have the stories of our birth, families, anniversaries, experiences, education, and so much more. Those stories intersect, consume, reflect, and run alongside the many stories that we read about in books, watch in films, interact with in games, and so on. Libraries have always been a primary community collector and facilitator of these life stories. People often come to libraries, museums, schools and other organizations to enhance and build their own stories through learning and entertainment. We desire to be a champion for the storyteller in all of us and in all of these ways that story narrates our existence.